Sep 16, 2019

Motions – Prime Minister – Monday, 16 September 2019

Mr ALBANESE (GrayndlerLeader of the Opposition) (14:49): I move:

That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent the Member for Grayndler from moving the following motion immediately:

That the House:

(1) notes:

(a) the Prime Minister has refused to sack the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction despite the Minister admitting on radio he was acting for private interests instead of the public interest and despite the Minister’s clear and repeated breaches of the Prime Minister’s Ministerial Standards;

(b) the Prime Minister has prevented the Member for Chisholm from providing a full statement in her own words to this House where words carry consequences and instead relied on a statement prepared by the Prime Minister’s office issued outside the House;

(c) on Friday, the Prime Minister denied using the phrase “Shanghai Sam” despite using it at least 17 times, including twice in the House; and

(d) the Prime Minister’s attempt to cover up his untruth on Friday with another untruth is just the latest in a long line of misdirection ad obfuscation from this Prime Minister; and

(2) therefore, condemns this Prime Minister for repeatedly abandoning any sense of integrity whenever it is politically expedient for him to do so.

The Prime Minister has been exposed for his hubris, he has been exposed for his opportunism and he has been exposed for his hypocrisy. Legitimate questions have been raised about the member for Chisholm, who boasts—

Mr Porter: I move:

That the Member be no longer heard.

The SPEAKER: The question is that the member be no further heard.

The House divided. [14:55]

(The Speaker—Hon. Tony Smith)

DIVISION:AYES 73 (9 majority) NOES 64 PAIRS 0
Alexander, JG Allen, K
Andrews, KJ Andrews, KL
Archer, BK Bell, AM
Broadbent, RE Chester, D
Christensen, GR Coleman, DB
Conaghan, PJ Connelly, V
Coulton, M Drum, DK (teller)
Dutton, PC Entsch, WG
Evans, TM Falinski, JG
Fletcher, PW Flint, NJ
Frydenberg, JA Gee, AR
Gillespie, DA Goodenough, IR
Hammond, CM Hastie, AW
Hawke, AG Hogan, KJ
Howarth, LR Hunt, GA
Irons, SJ Joyce, BT
Katter, RC Kelly, C
Laming, A Landry, ML
Leeser, J Ley, SP
Littleproud, D Liu, G
Marino, NB Martin, FB
McCormack, MF McIntosh, MI
McVeigh, JJ Morrison, SJ
Morton, B O’Brien, LS
O’Brien, T O’Dowd, KD
Pasin, A Pearce, GB
Porter, CC Price, ML
Ramsey, RE (teller) Robert, SR
Sharma, DN Simmonds, J
Stevens, J Sukkar, MS
Taylor, AJ Tehan, DT
Thompson, P Tudge, AE
van Manen, AJ Wallace, AB
Webster, AE Wicks, LE
Wilson, RJ Wilson, TR
Wood, JP Young, T
Zimmerman, T
Albanese, AN Aly, A
Bandt, AP Bird, SL
Burke, AS Burney, LJ
Burns, J Butler, MC
Butler, TM Byrne, AM
Chalmers, JE Chesters, LM
Claydon, SC Coker, EA
Collins, JM Conroy, PM
Dick, MD Dreyfus, MA
Elliot, MJ Fitzgibbon, JA
Freelander, MR Georganas, S
Giles, AJ Gorman, P
Haines, H Hayes, CP
Hill, JC Husic, EN
Jones, SP Kearney, G
Kelly, MJ Keogh, MJ
Khalil, P King, CF
Leigh, AK Marles, RD
McBride, EM Mitchell, BK
Mitchell, RG Mulino, D
Murphy, PJ Neumann, SK
O’Connor, BPJ O’Neil, CE
Owens, JA Payne, AE
Phillips, FE Plibersek, TJ
Ryan, JC (teller) Sharkie, RCC
Shorten, WR Smith, DPB
Snowdon, WE Stanley, AM (teller)
Swanson, MJ Templeman, SR
Thistlethwaite, MJ Thwaites, KL
Vamvakinou, M Watts, TG
Wells, AS Wilkie, AD
Wilson, JH Zappia, A

Question agreed to.