Nov 27, 2019

Motions – Prime Minister – Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Mr ALBANESE (GrayndlerLeader of the Opposition) (16:26): I move:

That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent the Member for Grayndler from moving the following motion immediately:

That the House:

(1) notes that:

(a) today in Question Time the Prime Minister refused to answer questions about his telephone call with the New South Wales Police Commissioner in which he discussed the instigation, nature and substance of the criminal investigation concerning the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction;

(b) the Prime Minister’s account of the conversation is at odds with the account of the NSW Police Commissioner; and

(2) therefore, the House calls on the Government to table the following documents before rise tonight:

(a) the transcript of the telephone call between the Prime Minister and the New South Wales Police Commissioner on Tuesday, 26 November 2019;

(b) any briefing provided by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in relation to the call; and

(c) any notes taken by the Prime Minister, his staff or departmental officials during the call.

This is a government that does not like scrutiny—not from the media, not from the parliament, not from Senate committees and not with the formation of Strike Force Garrad. The government, with that, now faces the kind of scrutiny it can’t avoid: police scrutiny. The long arm of the law is reaching right out into the heart of this government. We have a circumstance whereby the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction has engaged in activity in order to make a point against climate change action against the Lord Mayor of Sydney. A document was produced and given to the Daily Telegraph which we know was not—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Mr Hogan ): The assistant minister, on a point of order?

Mr HOWARTH (PetrieAssistant Minister for Community Housing, Homelessness and Community Services) (16:28): I move:

That the Member be no longer heard.

The SPEAKER: The question is that Leader of the Opposition be no further heard.

The House divided. [16:32]

(The Speaker—Hon. Tony Smith)

DIVISION:AYES 70 (4 majority) NOES 66 PAIRS 0
Alexander, JG Allen, K
Andrews, KJ Andrews, KL
Archer, BK Bell, AM
Broadbent, RE Buchholz, S
Chester, D Christensen, GR
Conaghan, PJ Connelly, V
Coulton, M Drum, DK (teller)
Dutton, PC Entsch, WG
Evans, TM Falinski, JG
Fletcher, PW Flint, NJ
Frydenberg, JA Gee, AR
Gillespie, DA Hammond, CM
Hastie, AW Hawke, AG
Hogan, KJ Howarth, LR
Hunt, GA Irons, SJ
Joyce, BT Kelly, C
Laming, A Landry, ML
Leeser, J Ley, SP
Littleproud, D Liu, G
Marino, NB Martin, FB
McCormack, MF McIntosh, MI
McVeigh, JJ Morton, B
O’Brien, LS O’Brien, T
Pasin, A Pearce, GB
Pitt, KJ Porter, CC
Price, ML Ramsey, RE (teller)
Robert, SR Sharma, DN
Simmonds, J Stevens, J
Sukkar, MS Taylor, AJ
Tehan, DT Thompson, P
Tudge, AE van Manen, AJ
Wallace, AB Wicks, LE
Wilson, RJ Wilson, TR
Wood, JP Wyatt, KG
Young, T Zimmerman, T
Albanese, AN Aly, A
Bandt, AP Bird, SL
Bowen, CE Burney, LJ
Burns, J Butler, MC
Butler, TM Byrne, AM
Chalmers, JE Clare, JD
Coker, EA Collins, JM
Conroy, PM Dick, MD
Dreyfus, MA Elliot, MJ
Fitzgibbon, JA Georganas, S
Giles, AJ Gorman, P
Gosling, LJ Haines, H
Hill, JC Husic, EN
Jones, SP Kearney, G
Keogh, MJ Khalil, P
King, CF King, MMH
Leigh, AK Marles, RD
McBride, EM Mitchell, BK
Mitchell, RG Mulino, D
Murphy, PJ Neumann, SK
O’Connor, BPJ O’Neil, CE
Owens, JA Payne, AE
Perrett, GD Phillips, FE
Plibersek, TJ Rishworth, AL
Rowland, MA Ryan, JC (teller)
Sharkie, RCC Shorten, WR
Smith, DPB Snowdon, WE
Stanley, AM (teller) Steggall, Z
Swanson, MJ Templeman, SR
Thistlethwaite, MJ Thwaites, KL
Vamvakinou, M Watts, TG
Wells, AS Wilkie, AD
Wilson, JH Zappia, A

Question agreed to.