Nov 12, 2004

Need for rational debate


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 12 November 2004

Between Monday and Wednesday of this week I visited Tasmania as part of my ongoing consultations with respect to Labor’s forestry policy.

While in Tasmania, my meetings included:

• The Minister for the Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, the Honourable Bryan Green MHA;

• The Minister for the Environment, the Honourable Judy Jackson MHA;

• The President – David O’Byrne – and Secretary – David Price – of the Tasmania Branch of the ALP;

• Unions Tasmania;

• Conservation groups;

• Other senior ALP and union officials.

I also undertook an extensive tour of the Styx Valley with Timber Workers for Forests.

I was genuinely pleased by the constructive approach taken by all the individuals and groups that I met with. Their comments and advice have given me great hope that there can be a lasting solution to the forestry issue in Tasmania which delivers positive economic, employment and environmental outcomes for the entire Tasmanian community.

I have no intention of engaging in a personal slanging match with Dick Adams. In my experience, people who engage in offensive vitriol and name calling do so because they have no argument of substance to rely on.