Apr 1, 2008

Nelson’s Liberal Leadership Tour: Another Day, Another Liberal Party Electorate

The Leader of the Opposition, Dr Brendan Nelson is this week travelling around the country simply to shore up his own leadership votes.

Dr Nelson’s Liberal Leadership Tour is not about listening to voters but about securing the support of Liberal MPs.

After being elected Liberal Leader in a disputed ballot by just two votes, Dr Nelson has prioritised listening to voters in his party room, not voters in the community.

On Day One of the Liberal Leadership Tour Dr Nelson was in the seat of on the Gold Coast, with Liberal MPs Stephen Ciobo and Stuart Robert.

Today, Dr Nelson’s Liberal Leadership Tour takes him to the electorate of Dickson, held by Liberal MP Peter Dutton.

Dr Nelson should not insult the intelligence of the Australian people.

If he was serious about engaging with the Australian people, Dr Nelson would do three things:

  • Apologise for WorkChoices and rule out the return of AWA-like deals in the future;
  • Accept responsibility for the 16-year high levels of inflation, the 10 interest rate rises in a row and the housing affordability crisis that his Liberal Government left behind for the Australian people; and
  • Actually outline a plan to tackle inflation, fight climate change and improve Australia’s hospitals – not just snipe from the sidelines.