Feb 27, 2013

New Noise Monitor to be installed in Riverton

A new noise monitor will be installed in Riverton in response to community concerns about the impact of aircraft noise.

The noise monitor will measure typical noise levels of aircraft departing from Perth Airport and provide real data on what the community is experiencing.

Getting data on the real impact of aircraft noise will help inform future decisions about flight paths to minimise noise impacts on the community.

Over the last five years, the number of flights into and out of Perth has increased because of huge growth in Western Australia’s resource sector.

As air traffic continues to growth at Perth, aviation safety must be our highest priority.

The Federal Labor Government will continue to balance the needs of residents near airports and the safe operation of Perth’s busy skies.

Since 2007, the Federal Labor has strengthened measures to better manage aircraft noise impacts on communities living near airports, including:

  • Passing legislation to ban the operations of old, noisy jet aircraft at a number of Australian major airports, including Perth;
  • We now require the nation’s 19 federally-leased airports (including Perth’s) to set up community consultation groups to give local residents a greater say in what occurs at them;
  • The appointment of Australia’s first Aircraft Noise Ombusdman; and
  • Issuing a Ministerial directive requiring that Airservices properly consult the community on any significant developments or changes to an airport’s services.

Airservices has four permanent noise monitors located around Perth Airport – at Guildford, Greenmount, Cannington and Queens Park.

These monitors form part of Australia’s Noise and Flight Path Monitoring System, the world’s largest, most geographically spread system of its type.

More information on the Noise and Flight Path Monitoring System is available online at www.airservicesaustralia.com/aircraftnoise/monitoring-aircraft-noise/