Jul 3, 2013

New Standard to help prevent ‘Bill Shock’ for Australians travelling overseas

Australians travelling overseas will be better able to avoid ‘bill shock’, following the registration of a new standard on international mobile roaming.

The new Australian Communications and Media Authority standard requires telecommunications companies operating international mobile roaming services to provide Australians with more information about their use and how much they will cost.

Australians frequently experience ‘bill shock’ when using their phones and smart devices overseas because the rates for international mobile roaming services, including internet access, can be up to 150 times more than what they are charged at home.

These outrageous prices mean that too many Australians are coming home from an overseas holiday and being confronted with a mobile phone bill that costs more than the trip itself.

By ensuring telecommunications companies provide timely and relevant information to their customers means such ‘bill shock’ can be avoided.

The new standard will result in Australians travelling overseas receiving warnings about the higher charges that may apply while using their mobile devices; information on how to opt out of roaming services; what charges they can expect from such services; and how to access spend management tools.

The new standard applies to all Australian mobile providers and will cover all countries where Australians use international mobile roaming.

The measures in the standard will be phased in progressively from 27 September 2013.

Information about the standard can be found here: http://www.acma.gov.au/Citizen/Stay-protected/My-mobile-world