Jan 25, 2013

New Stuart Highway Parking Bays Completed

Truck drivers who regularly use the Stuart Highway now have another safer place to pull over and take a break or catch up on their sleep following this week’s opening of two new parking bays.

Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said the new bays, located on either side of the Highway in the township of Adelaide River, can each accommodate up to three road-trains at any one time.

“In partnership with state and territory governments, as well as the trucking industry, we have been working hard over the last five years to address the unacceptable lack of safe, modern roadside facilities along the nation’s highways,” said Mr Albanese.

“Over time, this investment will help make our highways safer for everyone.

“Importantly, the construction of these new parking bays is part of a much broader capital works program.  Indeed, this Government has nearly doubled annual Federal infrastructure spending from $275 to $458 per Territorian.”

The $3 million project was fully-Federal funded, delivered by Territory-based contractors, Aldebaran Contracting and employed twenty-five people, including eight indigenous workers.

NT Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adam Giles said the project has replaced an informal truck bay which was located on the northbound side of the Highway and also used by southbound trucks, creating a potential safety risk and traffic hazard.

“The project built two 150 metre parking bays, resurfaced this section of the Highway, installed deceleration and acceleration lanes, upgraded the intersection with the nearby service road and improved street lighting,” said Mr Giles.

“What’s more, following consultations with Coomalie Council, the local community, the Cattlemen’s Association and the Police Association, the Highway was realigned so as to maintain sufficient distance between the new parking bays and the nearby Glen Huitson Park, named after the last NT police officer to be killed in the line of duty.