Jun 12, 2016

Next stage of Port Access Road to deliver new jobs for Gladstone

A Shorten Labor Government will boost jobs and local infrastructure in Central Queensland by investing in the next stage of the Gladstone Port Access Road.

The Port of Gladstone is the most important economic infrastructure in Central Queensland and upgrading road access is critical for the region’s transition from the mining-construction boom.

Labor will invest $80 million towards the next stage of the project, with funding from the Northern Australia Roads Package.

The project will provide 200 jobs in the construction phase, which is expected to commence in 2017-18, while helping to drive economic development.

Central Queensland can only benefit from the expected major growth in Asian demand for Australia’s agricultural products and resources if we can access quality export facilities.

The Gladstone Port land and sea access upgrade is listed on the 2016 Infrastructure Australia Priority List, including upgrades to roads and bridges that service the Port.

Despite this, the local Liberal National Party member, Ken O’Dowd, has done nothing to stand up for the project.

This is another example of why Malcolm Turnbull and Ken O’Dowd cannot be trusted to support jobs in Central Queensland.

In contrast, Labor has a strong record of supporting jobs and generating roads projects, including the $25 million final stage of Kirkwood Road and the $150 million investment in the now completed Calliope Crossroads.

Labor’s commitment is subject to the successful completion of the planning and business case by the Port of Gladstone.

This announcement builds on a 2010 Labor commitment of $50 million funding for further work on the road.

Only Labor will ensure the Port of Gladstone has the road access it needs to continue to grow.

Only Labor can ensure this vital port, which supports Central Queensland’s jobs and economic growth, is not sold.

For more information about Labor’s plan to support the Gladstone Port Access Road, please visit: www.100positivepolicies.org.au/gladstone_port_access_road_fact_sheet