Jan 22, 2015

No bulldozers, just bulldust on the horizon

Tony Abbott’s infrastructure promises have been shown to be a sham by his own Assistant Infrastructure Minister in the Daily Telegraph today.

 In 2012 Mr Abbott said:

 There’ll be cranes over our cities and bulldozers working on big infrastructure projects such as WestConnex in Sydney and the East-West Link in Melbourne that will be under way within 12 months of a change of government.


But today Mr Briggs said:

By the end of this year we will see more bulldozers on the ground and cranes in the sky than ever before in Sydney, all building world-class infrastructure that will collectively support tens of thousands of jobs during construction.


Not a single bit of dirt has been moved on any new infrastructure project commissioned by the Abbott Government – not in 2013, not in 2014, not so far in 2015.

Projects due to commence this year commissioned and funded in past Budgets by the former Labor Government include the F3–M2 link in Sydney, renamed Northconnex.

Giving an existing project a new name but no new investment does not make it a new project.

When it comes to infrastructure, ABS statistics released last week showed that across Australia combined government investment has fallen by 20% since the Abbott Government’s election.

This ABS data also shows a decline of 30% in infrastructure investment in New South Wales since the election of the state Coalition Government and a 40% decline in Queensland since Campbell Newman’s election.

There was also a decline of 41% in infrastructure investment in Victoria during the period of the Baillieu-Napthine Government.

When it comes to infrastructure investment, there are no bulldozers, just bulldust from the Liberal and National Parties.