Jun 30, 2011

North West to benefit from Federal Infrastructure dollars

North West to benefit from Federal Infrastructure dollars

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Minister for Infrastructure & Transport

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

30 June 2011

The Gillard Labor Government has thrown its support behind two infrastructure projects with the potential to make Cloncurry an even better place to live and raise a family, underscoring our pledge to make sure every local community shares in our nations prosperity.

Firstly, we will provide $2.4 million to help turn the Council’s Community Precinct vision into a reality, subject to the finalisation of a standard funding agreement. Once built, this modern community hub will comprise a library, gallery space for local artists and touring exhibitions, function rooms with multi-media facilities, kitchen amenities and open spaces.

The first stage of the project will be the refurbishment of the Shire Hall built in 1939.

As well as being an ideal meeting place for locals, such first-class facilities would also bolster Cloncurry’s efforts to attract larger events and conferences to the North West.

Secondly, subject to the Council completing the necessary planning and design work, we will provide up to $8.2 million in Federal infrastructure dollars to build a 4.4 kilometre bypass of the town and take up to 350 trucks a day off local streets and away from people’s homes.

This road project will also involve upgrades to the intersections with the Flinders Highway to cater for the oversized mining trucks and large road trains which will be required to use the bypass.

Over the past 127 years, Cloncurry — also known as the Friendly Heart of the Great North West — has played a major role in Queenslands extraordinary transformation from colonial outpost to modern, prosperous society. Theres no reason why the Region can’t be as significant in the States future.

That’s why I’m here today to personally confirm these significant, new investments by the National Government.

This announcement is not only the culmination of a persistent and passionate campaign from the local community led by Mayor Cr Andrew Daniels; it’s also a tribute to the tireless efforts put in by their local State and Federal MPs, Betty Kiernan and Bob Katter.

Cloncurry took its name from the nearby river which years earlier had been named by Robert Burke in honour of his cousin Lady Elizabeth Cloncurry. At the time Burke and fellow explorer William Wills were on their ultimately tragic transcontinental expedition from Melbourne to the Gulf.