Jun 12, 2005

NSW ALP State Conference rejects nuclear power

NSW ALP State Conference rejects nuclear power

MEDIA RELEASE – Anthony Albanese MP – 12 June 2005

Australia needs solutions to climate change which don’t create more problems than they solve.

I am very pleased the NSW ALP is taking a responsible approach to avoiding dangerous climate change.

Today at Conference the following resolution was carried without any opposition:

“Conference notes that climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing the global community.

Conference condemns the Howard Government for its isolationist position in refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, which came into effect on 16 February 2005 with the participation of 140 countries and the European Union.

Conference notes that ratification of the Kyoto Protocol would bring environmental benefits and also provide significant economic opportunities for Australian business.

Conference congratulates the Carr Labor Government and other State & Territory Labor Governments for their leadership in pursuing a State based greenhouse gas emissions trading system.

Conference notes the inadequate response contained in the Federal Government’s Energy White Paper and is alarmed that the Australian Greenhouse Office has predicted Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions will be 123% of 1990 levels by 2020.

Conference reaffirms Labor’s support for

• Ratifying the Kyoto Protocol,

• Establishing a national emissions trading system,

• Increasing the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target to 5% by 2010, and

• Amending Commonwealth environmental laws to provide a greenhouse trigger for new projects.

Conference strongly supports demand management measures and programs to improve energy efficiency.

Conference also supports the expansion of the renewable energy industry, such as solar, wind and tidal power as well as noting that combined cycle gas technology and next generation clean coal technology will be important components in Australia’s future energy supply.

Conference believes clean energy and energy efficiency technology have the potential to deliver substantial employment and economic benefits, and provide significant export income for Australia.

Conference notes that the debate over the merits of nuclear energy has occurred over the last half century and will continue into the future.

Conference notes the intractable problems associated with nuclear power, such as long-life radioactive waste, industrial and community safety, emergency procedures and nuclear weapons proliferation. Conference believes these problems are even more serious in a climate of international terrorism

Conference therefore reaffirms Labor’s opposition to a domestic nuclear power industry in Australia.”