Jun 8, 2006

Nuclear Inquiry Fails Environment Test

Nuclear Inquiry Fails Environment Test


8 June 2006

The Prime Minister’s nuclear inquiry has descended into farce with not a single environmental expert on the taskforce.

Getting a bunch of nuclear insiders to conduct a nuclear inquiry is like asking the AFL Commissioners to determine the best football code for Australia.

The head of leading environment group WWF Australia, Greg Bourne, is right to describe the inquiry as “rubbish”.

Greg Bourne was asked to be on the taskforce just two hours before the Prime Minister made his second attempt to announce the membership of the task force.

The Prime Minister has twice erroneously called Professor James Lovelock a founder of Greenpeace.

The Prime Minister is scrambling and bumbling his way through his own nuclear mess.

Two of the Taskforce members announced yesterday have strong links to the nuclear industry.

Dr Arthur Johnston headed the Commonwealth body responsible for reviewing Ranger uranium mine’s environmental performance at a time when its poor environmental, health and safety record resulted in a Senate Inquiry. Ms Silvia Kidziak is an adviser to the nuclear regulator ARPANSA.

The World Wrestling Federation would baulk at something this rigged.

If the Howard Government was serious about tackling dangerous climate change, it would commit to a 60% cut in Australia’s greenhouse pollution, ratify the Kyoto Protocol, establish a national emissions trading scheme and increase the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target.

Our children and grandchildren will look back shamefully at the time when the Howard Government was so distracted by its nuclear fantasy that it failed to cut our greenhouse pollution and support our innovative clean energy industry.