Jul 9, 2004

Only Labor has a positive plan for mature age employment


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 9 July 2004

Federal Employment Minister Kevin Andrew’s statements today about Labor’s Mature Age employment policy are a desperate attempt to mislead the Australian public and disguise his Government’s lack of policy in this important area.

Minister Andrew’s comments are further evidence that the Howard Government will say anything to discredit the positive agenda being put forward by Mark Latham because they have run out of ideas.

Contrary to the Minister’s claim, Labor’s Mature Age Career Centres will assist an additional 63,000 mature age job seekers who currently do not receive any substantial assistance from the Job Network because they are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

Those mature age job seekers who are on unemployment benefits will continue to receive assistance for the Job Network as is currently the case.

Labor’s Mature Age Career Centres are specifically targeted at mature age job seekers who currently fall through cracks and are being left behind.

This is an additional program. It’s that simple.

The Howard Government has run out of ideas and has no agenda for addressing Australia’s social and economic challenges.

John Howard promised that mature age employment would be a priority of his third term. Having done nothing, the Government now says it’s a priority for their fourth term. By the time this Government gets around to taking action, today’s young unemployed will be entitled to mature age employment assistance.

The time for action is now and only Labor has a positive plan for the future.