Feb 13, 2013

Pacific Highway Duplication and the Federal Coalition – Letter to the Editior

Warren Truss’s latest visit to the North Coast simply confirmed that he ascribes to that old adage that if you repeat something often enough people will eventually believe it no matter how untrue the statement.

It is time for the charade to end.

When it comes to the Pacific Highway, all Mr Truss and Tony Abbott are offering are vague, unfunded promises on the never-never.  And to anyone who still believes the Liberal and National Parties are genuinely committed to fixing this road, I would say, have a look at the recent performance of the NSW Government.

The leaders of that Coalition Government said one thing before the election and have done the complete opposite since.

So here’s the bottom line: political parties should be judged on what they deliver in government and not on what they promise from opposition – and on any objective assessment, this Labor Government has a record second to none when it comes to the Pacific Highway.

On the North Coast alone, we’ve completed the Ballina Bypass, the Glenugie Upgrade, and the Banora Point Upgrade.  In addition, we’ve commenced work on the Devils Pulpit Upgrade and the duplication of the section between Tintenbar and Ewingsdale.  In total, Federal Labor has committed more than $7.9 billion to completing the full duplication of the Pacific Highway.

By contrast, the former Howard Government in which Mr Truss served as Transport Minister spent just $1.3 billion over its twelve long years on the Highway.

As history has shown, the Coalition – at both a State and Federal level – has consistently failed to deliver, and their latest “promises” are simply a recipe for even more delays, even more blowouts and even more excuses.

Only Janelle Saffin, Justine Elliot and Federal Labor are committed to finishing the job.