Nov 5, 2012

Parafield Airport Master Plan approved

I have approved Parafield Airport’s 2012 Master Plan which sets out its strategic direction and intended uses over the next twenty years.

In giving this approval, I have insisted that the operators take further steps to consult with the community, including convening a special taskforce to mitigate the impact of flight operations on the surrounding community.

In addition, any changes in operations will now be subject to thorough community consultation.

While the Fly Friendly Program has already resulted in changes to flight procedures and operating hours, more can be done. Moving forward, this program will be strengthened and regularly reviewed with the involvement of the Parafield Airport Consultative Committee.

In particular, the airport should take all possible measures to ensure operators comply with the agreement to cease circuit training operations by 10pm on weekdays. I have also noted that I expect to see further efforts to restrict the operating hours on weekends and public holidays so that there are no flights before 8am.  

All instances of non-compliance with the Fly Friendly Program by aircraft operators will now need to be reported to the Parafield Airport Consultative Committee.

Finally, I welcome the airport’s proposal to relocate the helicopter training operations to a remote area of the airfield. An acoustics analysis will help to identify the best location which will significantly reduce noise impacts on the surrounding community.

Parafield Airport is a significant employer and contributor to the economy of South Australia. As the home base for Flight Training Adelaide, UniSA Aviation Academy and TAFE SA, the airport provides pilot training facilities for Virgin Australia, QantasLink and Cathay Pacific.

Over the next twenty years Parafield Airport will create an additional 1,000 jobs. 

The airport is expected to contribute $296 million to the economy by 2032.

I am confident that approval of this Master Plan will support Parafield Airport in remaining a vital piece of aviation infrastructure, while also being mindful of its place as part of the community accountable to its neighbours.

Parafield Airport now has 50 business days to make its Master Plan public.