Sep 21, 2010

Parliamentary reform and the Opposition’s position on ‘pairing’

Parliamentary reform and the Opposition’s position on ‘pairing’

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Minister for Infrastructure & Transport

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

September 21 2010

The Opposition’s original position on ‘pairing’, why it was necessary and how it would operate in the House of Representatives could not have been clearer.

After signing onto the Agreement for a Better Parliament, Tony Abbott’s chief negotiator Christopher Pyne told the gathered media:

Can I just add to that very quickly. The – you’ll see in these reforms that the speaker or the person who’s currently holding the chair temporarily like a Deputy Speaker or a member of the Speaker’s panel will be automatically paired.

Now that is because we have a hung Parliament. And one of the sticking points over the weekend has been how to handle the pairing arrangements with members and the speaker, and what we’ve resolved is because of the closeness of the number of seats, that we would for this Parliament pair whoever is in the chair.

Joint press conference with Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and Anthony Albanese

Parliament House, 6 September 2010