Sep 4, 2014

Pay projects first, then have the process

Tony Abbott’s attempt to legislate for cost-benefit analysis of major infrastructure projects comes too late.

Today the Government introduced legislation which would provide for cost-benefit analysis of projects worth more than $100 million after the allocation of funding, not before.

But the Prime Minister has already broken his election promises on cost-benefit analysis by paying billions of dollars towards the WestConnex project in Sydney and Melbourne’s East-West Link.

Neither project has been subjected to proper cost-benefit analysis.

Public infrastructure dollars are too scarce for this irresponsible approach and Australians are too smart to be fooled by this Prime Minister.

Commonwealth funds should be invested in projects with the greatest capacity to enhance the nation’s productivity.

But Mr Abbott’s first act in Government was to cut billions from public transport projects identified by Infrastructure Australia as the most efficient investments.

Tony Abbott’s shambolic approach to infrastructure financing and reckless disregard for proper process is damaging Australia, hurting productivity and costing jobs.