Jun 7, 2016

Penny Wong to launch Grayndler 2016 campaign

It is an honour to have Penny Wong launching my Grayndler 2016 Federal Election campaign this Thursday at the Vic on the Park.

Penny Wong played a critical role in the development of the former Labor Government’s climate change policy.

As Minister for Climate Change she oversaw the expansion of the Renewable Energy Target, which has driven significant investment in wind and solar power.

She also represented Australia in international climate change negotiations and developed the emissions trading scheme.

Penny will always stand up for what’s right. She has a strong record on speaking out against prejudice and campaigning for equality for women, LGBTI rights and a multicultural Australia.

It makes sense that Penny would launch my campaign – these issues are also dear to the hearts of people across the inner west.

I’ve lived my whole life in the inner west and love the vibrancy and diversity of our neighbourhoods. Most of all, I love our deeply entrenched sense of community.

But in the wake of a series of cruel cuts to education and health from the Abbott and Turnbull Governments, it’s now more important than ever that our community has a local representative who will fight for their interests.

When in Government I secured investment to upgrade local schools, sporting fields, parks and community facilities, and clean up the Cooks River.

I will continue to advocate for progressive advances for our nation. Labor is committed to a strong economy, that’s about jobs and opportunities for all. We’re passionate about public healthcare and we will implement the Gonski education reforms.

An elected Labor Government will transition to 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.  We will also deliver record Commonwealth investment in our cities so that we can tackle the critical issues of housing affordability and public transport.

This election people voting in Grayndler could decide the nation’s future.

This election people have a choice between Labor’s strong, positive vision for the nation, or more of the Liberal’s unfair agenda.


Anthony’s campaign launch will be held this Thursday at the Vic on the Park from 6pm-7:3