May 4, 2016

People across inner west will lose out under the Coalition

Cuts to health and education in last night’s Budget will see people across the inner west lose out under a Coalition Government.

Despite the Liberals’ promises at the last election to match Labor’s school funding “dollar for dollar”, Mr Turnbull will cut $29 billion from Australian classrooms over the next decade.

Higher education also faces significant cuts, which will see more costs pushed on to students already struggling to afford university.

There is no relief is in sight for parents as Malcolm Turnbull discards his own child care changes until 2018.

After promising the world before the election, the Government will go an entire term without doing a single thing to assist with access to affordable child care. They will now go to election promising not to deliver relief for another two years.

What’s worse is that Mr Turnbull has again smashed Australia’s health system, ripping another $2.1 billion out of health spending and keeping the GP tax in place for another two years – a measure that will cost Australian families $925 million.

Families and pensioners are also vulnerable, with the 2016 Budget locking in:

  • Family Tax Benefit cuts to 1.5 million families;
  • Cuts to paid parental leave for 80,000 new mums every year, leaving some $11,800 worse off;
  • Cuts to 330,000 part-pensioners;
  • Increasing the pension age to 70;
  • Cuts to young jobseekers that will force them to live off nothing for a month.

Australia’s foreign aid program, too, is now embarrassing and mean spirited after further cuts.

This is a Budget that reinforces inequality, which is already at a 75 year high.

In direct contrast Labor will invest in health and education because we know that securing Australia’s future depends on investing in people.