Oct 26, 2017

Personal Explanations

The SPEAKER: Does the member for Grayndler claim to have been misrepresented?

Mr ALBANESE: Yes, on multiple occasions.

The SPEAKER: Please proceed.

Mr ALBANESE: Senator Cash, before the Senate estimates yesterday, made statements about me that were untrue, that she now knows were untrue and acknowledges are untrue. She said the following, ‘My understanding was that Mr Albanese said that I was tipping off the press gallery personally; that was what was put to me’. On other occasion she told the Senate: ‘Several outrageous slurs were made against me today—for example, that I was personally phoning the media gallery. If Anthony Albanese would like to apologise for that statement then he can.’ On a third occasion, Senator Cash, in response to questions from Senator Cameron, said: ‘I had a question time briefing with the Prime Minister and that is it. That is the only conversation I have had with him where I assured him that the statement made by Anthony Albanese that I had been personally phoning the media was 100 per cent incorrect.’

Mr Speaker, those statements simply are incorrect. On FIVEaa yesterday, in the Two Tribes segment that I do with the member for Sturt each Wednesday morning, I said, ‘We know that Senator Cash’s office was ringing around media organisations yesterday afternoon, telling them that this was going to occur.’ On other occasion I said, ‘People directly got calls from Michaelia Cash’s media office.’ What I said yesterday was absolutely correct. I also note that the member for Sturt said on FIVEaa yesterday, ‘I don’t accept that it’s true.’ I’m sure he now accepts it’s true, just as he should accept that Senator Cash should resign for misleading the Senate on multiple occasions.