Feb 14, 2018

Personal explanations

Mr ALBANESE (Grayndler) (15:13): I wish to make a personal explanation.

The SPEAKER: Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?


The SPEAKER: The member for Grayndler may proceed.

Mr ALBANESE: In question time today, the minister for infrastructure quoted me in saying that there was funding for the inland rail in the 2013 budget. The minister for infrastructure says that that wasn’t true. In order to assist, I quote from the government’s own Inland Rail Implementation Group’s report, Inland rail 2015, which says:

The Deputy Prime Minister has sought advice from the Implementation Group on options for the initial $300 million in Government expenditure

It goes on to say that that was there in the 2013-14 budget, and I seek leave to table the government’s own report.

Leave not granted.

Mr ALBANESE: Further, the Deputy Prime Minister went on to say that my statement that the inland rail doesn’t go to the port of Brisbane was not correct. I quote from an article in TheCourier Mail, 14 May, by Matthew Connors, in which the Port of Brisbane chief executive Roy Cummins said:

The fact that Inland Rail stops at Acacia Ridge, and double-stacked trains will have to be unloaded there, means Brisbane residents could see millions more trucks driving through Brisbane suburbs.

I seek leave to table the article from TheCourier Mail.

Leave not granted.