Jan 31, 2017

Perth Freight Link clearly a dud

Today I joined Josh Wilson, Member for Fremantle, Simone McGurk, the State Member for Fremantle, and Lisa O’Malley, Labor’s candidate for Bicton, to inspect the Stirling Highway Bridge, which is set to suffer from increased congestion if the Perth Freight Link is completed.

The Perth Freight Link is one of the Coalition’s Government’s only new projects but is mired in controversy because of its needless damage to sensitive wetland and its lack of proper planning.

It’s clear the people of Perth and Western Australia have been short-changed by both the State and Federal Coalition Governments.

In contrast, in Government Labor funded well planned projects including Perth Citylink, Gateway WA, the Great Eastern Highway, North Link, the Great Northern Highway and Bunbury and Esperance upgrades.

Perth is a fast growing city that needs proper investment and a clear transport plan.

Infrastructure Australia says that without additional funding for transport projects in Perth, the cost of delays in urban transport will blow out from $2 billion in 2011 to $16 billion by 2031.

Instead Perth has been lumped with a road that goes part-way to a port that Infrastructure Australia says will be at full capacity within ten years.

Only Labor has a plan to get Perth moving because we understand that productive infrastructure is critical to jobs and growth.