Apr 24, 2012

Planning for public transport in Toolern in Melbourne’s west

The Gillard Labor Government is providing funding of $125,000 to help plan for a rail station in the Toolern precinct in the growth area of Melbourne’s west.

The planning is being undertaken by Melton Shire Council so that residents moving into the region can have an alternative to car transport to get around.

The funding is from the Federal Government’s Liveable Cities program, designed to encourage greater productivity, sustainability and liveability in our major cities.

The new station would service people moving into the Atherstone housing development.

“This is fantastic news for Melbourne’s West,” said Mr O’Connor.

“The need for infrastructure to keep apace with population growth is a critical issue facing the local area. There is an extremely strong case to be made for investment in a high-growth municipality such as the Shire of Melton.

“We recognise the growing needs of this burgeoning growth corridor. This feasibility study and funding are clear indications that the Gillard Government listens and takes action.”

The feasibility study will assess the options and costs of such a significant piece of infrastructure, which would shape development of this key growth corridor into the future.

From a national perspective, this project is a great example of the kind of cooperation between governments needed to address the big challenges facing our cities such as climate change, a lack of affordable housing, traffic congestion and a growing, ageing population.

That’s why Federal Labor has ended the Commonwealth’s self-imposed, decade long exile from our major cities and is again engaging with the states and territories and local councils to bring about a much needed urban renaissance.

As one of the most urbanised societies on the planet, Australia’s future economic prosperity and social cohesion will depend largely on how successful we are at making our cities more productive, sustainable and liveable.