Oct 13, 2016

Public transport is the answer to Perth’s traffic nightmare

Better public transport is the answer to worsening traffic congestion in Perth highlighted today by The West Australian.

This is backed up by Labor’s commitment to fund the METRONET as part of our plan to deal with urban congestion in our cities.

During the recent Federal election campaign, Labor also committed to road improvements including overpasses on the Roe Highway and Wanneroo Road.

The West Australian today cited Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics figures to highlight the fact that one in two commuters living in Joondalup spends at least 45 minutes on the road each day to get to work.

The average one-way commuting trip for all Perth commuters was nearly 30 minutes, or the equivalent of ten days each year.

The figures highlight the ongoing folly of the Turnbull Government’s stubborn refusal to invest in new public transport projects in Perth.

Traffic congestion in Perth is already acting as a hand brake on economic and jobs growth in WA. It is also eroding the quality of life of Perth residents.

Indeed, it is a tragedy that many parents in WA and across the nation spend more time commuting to and
from work than they spend playing with their children.

Last year, Infrastructure Australia released a report which warned that without action now, Perth will be home to seven of the nation’s most congested transport corridors by 2031.

Action is required now – better roads as well as improved public transport services.

The Turnbull Government has offered no funding for new public transport in Perth.

It’s good that Malcolm Turnbull likes to ride trains, but it is time he started to fund trains.