Nov 30, 2006

Queensland water recycling referendum

Queensland water recycling referendum


30 November 2006

Federal Labor supports the referendum on drinking recycled water called by Queensland Premier Peter Beattie for 17 March 2007.

South-east Queensland has a water crisis, and the option of water recycling has to be dealt with up-front, right now.

It is important people have a say in this, so the referendum proposed by Premier Beattie is the right way to go.

Recycled water can be very pure, and it’s essential we ensure the highest health standards.

Once it’s properly treated, recycled water is clean, safe and viable to drink.

I am confident of bi-partisan support for the referendum because Prime Minister John Howard has said on numerous occasions he supports water recycling over desalination.

John Howard insisted Toowoomba hold a referendum over drinking recycled water before he would allow Commonwealth funding.

After insisting Toowoomba hold a referendum, on 2 August 2006 John Howard said If I had been a resident of Toowoomba and it is a beautiful city, one of the most beautiful inland cities in Australia, I would have voted yes.