Feb 7, 2007

Questions to the Speaker – Question time

Questions to the Speaker – Question Time

7 February 2007

Mr ALBANESE (Grayndler) (3.09 p.m.)—Mr Speaker, I refer to page 552 of House of Representatives Practice, which is about the procedure that the Prime Minister just went through. It says:

Ministers may seek and be granted the indulgence of the Chair after Question Time or later in the day, to add to or correct an answer given to a question without notice asked on that day …

I note that yesterday in question time the Prime Minister committed what he said was an error and came in to correct the record. Can I also state that yesterday in question time the Prime Minister stated the following:

Can I remind you that the former minister for the environment, Senator Campbell, called about three summits on climate change. The most recent one was held back in 2003 …

Given that Senator Campbell was Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer until 7 October 2003, then minister for local government, could you please check the Hansard and confirm this error by the Prime Minister and ask that it be corrected?

The SPEAKER—I believe the member is asking me about more than something that was in Hansard. It is not the role of the Speaker to check the facts of every member or minister’s answer.