Jun 20, 2007

Questions without Notice – Ministerial Staff (2)

Questions without Notice – Ministerial Staff (2)

20 June 2007

Mr ALBANESE (3.10 p.m.)—My question is again to the Attorney-General. I refer to his previous answer in which he indicated that staff at his ministerial office at 70 Phillip Street, Sydney read the newspapers, monitor the news and provide advice to the minister.

Government members interjecting—

The SPEAKER—Order! Members on my right! The Manager of Opposition Business has the call and he will be heard.

Mr ALBANESE—Thank you, Mr Speaker. Can the minister guarantee that the staff in this unit do not disseminate this material to other ministers, other members of parliament and Liberal Party candidates as part of the operation of this secret dirt unit?

Mr RUDDOCK—I do not think I need to answer any part of the question asked because there is no dirt unit.