Nov 19, 2012

Regional Mining Infrastructure Planning Underway in SA

A team led by Deloitte has been selected to complete the long term planning necessary to unlock the vast natural wealth which lies beneath South Australia, with this work expected to be completed by the middle of next year.

Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said the appointment followed the allocation of $1.5 million in funding from the Federal Labor Government’s new mining tax.

“With minerals and energy projects worth up to $59 billion already on the books and expected to be delivered over the next decade, it’s vital we get the planning right from the outset,” said Mr Albanese.

“That’s why Deloitte and its partners will develop region plans covering Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula-Braemar and the Upper North, with each identifying the water, energy and transport infrastructure required to take full advantage of the growing global demand for the State’s natural resources.

“This is another good example of Federal Labor reinvesting a proportion of today’s wealth to shape the future we want for our nation.”

South Australian Transport and Infrastructure Minister Patrick Conlon said the three regional plans will build on the earlier work of the Resources and Energy Sector Infrastructure Council (RESIC).

“This is all about positioning our State and securing an even more prosperous future for all South Australians,” said Mr Conlon.

“The Deloitte team draws together expertise from across a range of disciplines to take stock of each region’s existing infrastructure capacity and identify the solutions which will prevent or alleviate future bottlenecks.”

This work complements the broader Strategic Infrastructure Plan for South Australia which is currently being updated.  The updated Plan will be released shortly.

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