May 16, 2010

Safety improvements for rail level crossings

Safety improvements for rail level crossings

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

The Minister for Infrastructure, Transport

Regional Development and Local Government

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

May 16 2010

High risk rail level crossings at Lillico Road in Lillico and at Clarendon Station Road near Evandale are safer with work complete, adding new flashing crossing warning lights to existing signs.

These $710,000 safety improvements are the first two Tasmanian level crossings to be delivered with funding coming from the Rudd Labor Government’s Economic Stimulus Plan and with work undertaken by the Tasmanian Government.

Anthony Albanese, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, said that tragically there were approximately 100 accidents that occurred at rail crossings across Australia every year.

“In Tasmania last year alone there were two incidents at level crossings, but fortunately none resulted in serious injuries,” Mr Albanese said.

“Crashes at level crossings affect not only drivers and passengers, but also take a serious toll on train drivers, the efficiency of our rail networks, and the broader community.

“All up, we are providing $3.96 million to upgrade safety around 13 high risk rail level crossings in Tasmania.

“Never before has there been a federal program dedicated to preventing accidents at level crossings, and at the same time supporting local jobs and local economies.

“Nationally, our $150 million Boom Gates for Rail Crossings Program is funding the installation of boom gates and other safety measures at over 290 level crossings,” he said.

Lara Giddings, Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure, said the Tasmanian Government and Tasmanian Railway Pty Ltd formulated a priority list of high risk level crossing sites to be targeted for active safety improvements.

“Importantly, we are already getting on with work at another three crossings on the West Coast Wilderness Railway and the Ida Bay Railway.

“Eight other sites will receive safety upgrades, with active advance warning lights in the coming weeks,” she said.

The full list of Tasmanian rail crossing safety works follows.


 Tasmanian Projects  New Active Protection measures
 Midland Highway, Conara  Install active advance warning system
 Lillico Road, Lillico  Install flashing lights
 Clarendon Station Road, Evandale  Install flashing lights
 Evandale Main Road, Evandale (Main Line)  Install active advance warning system
 Evandale Main Road, Evandale (Western Line)  Install active advance warning system
 Drummond Street, Perth  Install active advance warning system
 Mudwalls Road, Colebrook  Install active advance warning system
 Esplanade, Queenstown  Install flashing lights
 Selby Street, Queenstown  Install flashing lights
 Lune River Road, Ida Bay  Install flashing lights
 Esk Main Road, Avoca (east)  Install active advance warning system
 Esk Main Road, Avoca (west)  Install active advance warning system
 Esk Main Road, Ormley  Install active advance warning system