Feb 26, 2017

School no place for construction site

The decision by the NSW Government to propose the former tramsheds next to the Leichhardt campus of Sydney Secondary College as a potential construction site for WestConnex is almost beyond belief.

In recent days the Government informed residents it wanted to use this piece of land as a dive site for the construction of the tunnel for the Westconnex tollway.

This Government dumped this absurd and reckless proposal on residents last week in a letter that exemplifies the appalling lack of proper community engagement that has caused so much resentment.

This crowded school has argued for years the tramsheds should be incorporated into the school to take pressure off the overcrowded space.

Instead, the Government is proposing it as a dive site for the construction of the tunnel for the WestConnex tollway.

This site is entirely inappropriate.

The letter to residents highlights why the planning for this project will be regarded as worst case practice. It declares that “Sydney Motorway Corporation will soon release a design report that includes the latest tunnel route, all shortlisted M4-M5 Link potential construction sites and other details”.

It is remarkable that they have begun to dig a tunnel without knowing where it is going.

They are literally making it up as they go along.

Sydney needs infrastructure. It does not need utter contempt for communities while it is being built.

The motivation for using NSW Government land which should be a part of the Leichhardt school site is simply greed. If they turn this into a construction site it will save them from purchasing private land for the construction site.

Premier Berejiklian should intervene and rule out this proposal. Today.