Sep 17, 2016

Sirus building a symbol of community values

The Baird Government must abandon its planned sale of Sydney’s National Trust listed Sirius Building and retain it for continued use for public housing.

The block was purpose built in the late 1970s to accommodate low income earners, including families, pensioners and people with disability.

But NSW Premier Mike Baird wants to sell the building as part of his ill-advised sale of public housing at Millers Point.

Mr Baird wants to banish public housing tenants from the inner city and create a divided Sydney made of up haves and have-nots.

Successful cities are not disconnected enclaves of privilege and disadvantage. They are diverse and there is strength in their diversity.

Mr Baird’s sell-off program also treats public housing tenants, including elderly people who have lived at Miller’s Point for decades, with complete disrespect.

Our society is only as good as the way we treat our most-vulnerable citizens.

Mr Baird should stop behaving like a property magnate and start serving the entire community – not just those with power and money.