Jun 17, 2013

Smart Technology now being installed on West Gate Freeway

Work is now underway on installing the latest electronic freeway management technology along the West Gate Freeway, with the entire project to be completed by the middle of next year.

Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said once operational, the technology will give VicRoads the tools they need to better manage traffic flows and respond quickly to accidents and breakdowns.

“For the 180,000 motorists and truck drivers who use this vital part of the City’s road network every day, the retrofitting of this technology will mean faster, safer and less frustrating driving conditions,” said Mr Albanese.

“Indeed if applied nationwide, electronic freeway management systems have the potential to greatly reduce congestion and save Australian families and businesses more than $500 million a year.”

Victorian Roads Minister Terry Mulder said the installation of the freeway management system along more of Melbourne’s road network maintains Victoria’s reputation as a leader in the use of this technology.

“The system now being installed along the West Gate Freeway will be fully integrated with the one already in use on the M1 east of Williamstown Road as well as that proposed for the M80 Ring Road,” said Mr Mulder.

“Indeed, our ultimate aim is to deliver safer, faster and less congested driving conditions along all of the City’s major routes.

“The project will erect new signs to inform drivers which lanes they should use as well as alert them to temporary speed limit changes.  It will also install closed circuit television and upgrade the supporting communication networks and central control systems.”

The West Gate Freeway project is being funded by the Federal ($12.5 million) and Victorian ($12.5 million) governments.