Oct 18, 2012

Sophie Mirabella and “Mainstream” Australia

Last night on Sky News’ Richo Program, Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella referred to the demonstration which occurred earlier this year outside my Marrickville electorate office, claiming:

“It was outside Anthony Albanese’s office and he was quite shaken by it because I don’t think members of the Labor Party are used to mainstream Australians walking down the streets and protesting outside their office.”

Ms Mirabella flew up to Sydney from her Victorian-based electorate at taxpayers’ expense to represent Tony Abbott at the demonstration.

The demonstration required significant Australian Federal Police resources and was characterised by jostling and placards depicting the Prime Minister as a dog, another depicting the Prime Minister “hogtied” and slogans such as “Tolerance is our Demise”.

A coffin was given prominence at the front of the activities.

There was nothing “mainstream” about this demonstration.

Images from the demonstration are available online for all to see:


http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

Political discourse in this country has been distorted by the aggressive and inflammatory statements of the Noalition.  Ms Mirabella’s continued defence of the offensive material and behaviour which characterised this demonstration is simply extraordinary.