Dec 3, 2020

STATEMENT BY THE SPEAKER – Chief Opposition Whip – Thursday, 3 December 2020

Mr ALBANESE (GrayndlerLeader of the Opposition) (15:15): on indulgence—Mr Speaker, thank you for participating in that message. I have spoken pretty regularly with Chris and Bernadette. His reference three years ago to Royal Canberra Hospital was, of course, due to him riding a motorbike to Canberra—something that Bernadette has discouraged very strongly for a long period of time! He ended up in emergency at Royal Canberra Hospital. He ended up there again, under different circumstances this time. But both times, as he has said, he has been very grateful for the care that we get.


One of the things I say about public hospitals is that when Kerry Packer had a heart attack he ended up in emergency at Royal Prince Alfred public hospital. We have a great system here in Australia, and we should be very proud of it. I wish Chris and Bernadette all the best for tomorrow’s operation. I thank the Prime Minister for his generous and genuine words. Chris Hayes is very much liked by everyone in this building. He does not have an opponent, and sometimes our opponents are all over this place, of course, as we know. In politics, he is someone who is liked across the spectrum, and we all wish him well.