Jul 28, 2013

Statement from the Acting Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese

Tony Abbott should calm down.

He has been demanding an election since before counting was complete in the 2010 election.

He’s starting to sound hysterical. And it’s more about his own born to rule mentality and growing impatience to move into The Lodge so he can begin cutting money out of schools and hospitals than it is about a concern for the country.

Mr Abbott’s only plan for Australia is to cut spending to the bone.

His approach would drive the economy into recession and destroy jobs, inflicting hardship on Australian families.

He wants to create a harsh, new Australia based on the idea of every man for himself.

That’s not the Labor way. We’re for a fair go.

We’ll return the budget to surplus over time and in a responsible manner. We won’t do it in a way that would damage economic growth and destroy jobs. That’s Mr Abbott’s way.

Kevin Rudd will call an election in good time.

But until then he and the Labor cabinet will continue to focus on getting the policies right to help Australian families.

Mr Abbott wants to sneak into office before anyone notices his plans for spending cuts so drastic they will hurt Australian families.

That’s why he and Mr Hockey said last week that they will again avoid having their policies costed by the independent public servants in the Treasury.

They are hoping no-one will notice their plans to cut spending to the bone until it is too late, just like what is happening in Queensland under Campbell Newman.