Oct 26, 2017

Statement on the NSW Liberals’ refusal to heritage list Sirius Building

The NSW Liberal Government’s refusal to heritage list the Sirius Building in The Rocks can only be described as disappointing.

The Sirius Building has a place in Australian history.

Designed by Tao Gofers and built in 1979, it is renowned internationally as a prime example of brutalist architecture.

But of course the significance of Sirius goes beyond the building itself.

For decades, the location of public housing in the heart of our city has been symbolic of the spirit of Sydney.

Having grown up in council housing myself, I know very well the strength of community that exists in these neighbourhoods.

It is a tragedy that the NSW Liberal Government has uprooted the long-established communities of Millers Point and Sirius in a bid to sell-off what they see only as prime real estate.

The fact is successful cities are inclusive cities, not disconnected enclaves of privilege and disadvantage.

What’s more, our society is only as good as the way we treat our most-vulnerable citizens.

The NSW Liberal Government has failed on both these counts.