Feb 12, 2018

Statements by Members – Broadband

Mr ALBANESE (Grayndler) (16:28): I rise today to report on the results of the NBN survey that I undertook over the summer in my electorate of Grayndler. I did that because there is such frustration about the move from fibre-to-the-premises high-speed broadband to the government’s ‘fraudband’ proposal, a hybrid of copper, HFC cables and fibre to the node. The survey asked residents what they thought about the NBN currently and whether they wanted it. I received more than 3,000 individual responses to that. They included Fergus, who said, ‘I want the fibre-to-the-premises NBN that was originally proposed’. Alyssa said, ‘I’ve seen zero improvement since converting, had more daily drop-outs and have no phone or internet at all this week, which won’t even get looked at until next Tuesday.’ Brett said, ‘Don’t have NBN, want it, but not in current form—FTTP or nothing.’ Sharon said, ‘I want the NBN that Labor planned, fibre to the premises, not the shambles that the LNP is foisting on people.’ Tina said, ‘Very expensive and limited satellite NBN.’ Overall, just 11 per cent of customers who had the NBN said they were satisfied with the service. Only Labor will deliver the infrastructure that people need. (Time expired)