Dec 22, 2014

Still No Tourism Minister as Abbott Kisses Growth Goodbye

Tony Abbott’s failure to appoint a tourism minister in today’s reshuffle will further damage growth and jobs in Australia’s lucrative tourism sector.

 Today’s reshuffle was an opportunity for the Prime Minister to correct his mistake in failing to appoint a tourism minister last year.

 He refused.

 This is the first time in more than 40 years Australia has had no tourism minister.

 In New Zealand, conservative Prime Minister John Key is also the Minister for Tourism.

 Since its election the Abbott Government has treated our tourism sector with contempt, breaking promises like plates at a Greek wedding.

 Growth in Australia’s most important inbound visitor market, China, has halved since Tony Abbott’s election.

 Our tourism sector and the many communities that rely on it deserve better.

 Deloitte has named tourism as one of 5 super-growth sectors with the potential to drive job creation and economic growth in Australia over the next 20 years.

 The industry, which generates $107 billion each year for the Australian economy, is bigger than agriculture, fishing and forestry combined.

 It is time that our tourism sector was given a fair go by the Abbott Government.

 Appointing a Minister for Tourism would be a good place to start.