Aug 9, 2005

Stop misleading local workers with taxpayers’ money

Stop misleading local workers with taxpayers’ money


9 August 2005

“It’s time for the Government to stop misleading local workers with our money,” said Anthony Albanese MP, Federal Member for Grayndler.

“Employees in our area need to know that John Howard’s industrial relations changes will make working Australians worse off.”

“John Howard is spending $20 million of taxpayers’ money to sell and spin his proposed IR reforms. But these ads don’t tell you the full story,“ said Mr Albanese.

“John Howard admitted recently that some employees will be worse off under the proposed changes. It’s no surprise the government advertising doesn’t mention this.”

Respected economic journalist Ross Gittins said that $20 million Howard Government advertising is “a long way from the whole truth”.

He went further to identify points of the advertising that were “quite dishonest” and “quite sneaky” and indeed that “it’s far trickier than that”.

According to Gittins, the whole campaign is “Far from admitting the truth, it is seeking to conceal it.” (SMH, 11 July 2005)

“John Howard should admit the truth- that working Australians will be worse off under these industrial relations changes –their jobs will be less secure” said Anthony Albanese.

Mr Albanese has again called upon the Howard Government to guarantee that no employee in this area will be worse off under John Howard’s proposed industrial relations changes.