Dec 8, 2011

Suburban Jobs Program

The Suburban Jobs initiative supports local and state governments to plan and help deliver employment opportunities close to residential areas in growing areas of Australia’s major capital cities.

It’s now taking applications and I encourage governments, businesses and community organisations to work together to apply for grants under the program.

The Gillard Labor Government’s program is a great initiative to assist growth areas like the Inner West in building the number of jobs locally.

More and more people from our community are spending hours each day commuting to and from work. Every local job that we can develop is a car out of a traffic jam.

Suburban Jobs will support substantial on-ground projects that help deliver improved employment distribution outside the CBDs of major capital cities, providing local jobs and making growing suburbs more liveable.

Attracting and retaining jobs in suburban areas will help communities to be more sustainable in the long term by providing opportunities for residents to work, learn, shop and socialise locally.

The Government will contribute grant funding to innovative projects that include public capital works, along with activities like planning or research or demonstrations of how to best make use of the digital economy to provide local employment opportunities.

A wide range of stakeholders helped design the details of the program, including state and local governments, researchers, industry bodies, community organisations and businesses.

The program guidelines can be found at:

Grant applications for the program must be submitted by 17 February 2012.