May 8, 2006

Support Allergic Friends Everywhere Week

Support Allergic Friends Everywhere Week May 7-13


8 May 2006

This week is Support Allergic Friends Everywhere Week around Australia.

Mr Albanese said, “Food allergies are now part and parcel of everyday life for a huge number of Australian kids. The impact of food allergies is seen at the dinner table, at tuckshops, in school classrooms, and unfortunately, in doctors’ surgeries and hospitals.”

The number of children with food allergies in Australia has doubled in one generation. It is estimated that about 10 per cent of kids have a food allergy and about 1 per cent are allergic to peanuts specifically. One child in 200 will experience a severe allergic reaction to food that could be life threatening.

Mr Albanese said, “Despite the increased incidence of food allergies and the challenges this presents for kids, parents, teachers and our health system, there have been relatively few studies into food allergies in Australia.”

“A Beazley Labor Government will deliver $5 million for research into understanding the causes of serious food allergies, with a specific focus on peanut allergies,” Mr Albanese said.

“We will also work with the States and Territories to ensure uniform national guidelines for pre-schools and schools are implemented.”

In addition to this commitment, Labor launched Goals for Aussie Kids, a discussion paper which will be the cornerstone of future health policy development.

To get a copy of Labor’s Goals for Aussie Kids or to find out how to make a submission, contact 9564 3588 or visit

For more information about allergies and Support Allergic Friends Everywhere Week, please call Anaphylaxis Australia Inc on 1300 728 000 or visit