Jan 29, 2008

Sydney Airports Neighbours get their voice back

Sydney Airports Neighbours get their voice back

MEDIA RELEASE – The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,

Regional Development and Local Government

29 January 2008

The Rudd Labor Government has re-established the Sydney Airport Community Forum (SACF), honoring its election pledge and restoring the community’s ability to have direct input into decisions about the operation of the Airport.

Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said the residents living around Sydney Airport have a right to be consulted on decisions that will ultimately affect their quality of life.

“Sydney Airport is vital to the economy, supporting thousands of jobs, billions of dollars of Australia exports and is our main gateway to the global markets,” said Mr Albanese.

“But like all of us, the Airport has a responsibility to be a good neighbour, mindful that its day-to-day operations have an impact on the lives of those living around it.”

The first meeting of the reconstituted SACF has been set down for 15 February 2008.

“Our decision to re-establish SACF is timely given Sydney Airport Corporation’s intention to close the east-west runway in order to build a safety area at its western end,” said Mr Albanese.

“The first meeting of the Forum will provide an opportunity for community representatives to question the Corporation about this proposal as well as to scrutinise the airport’s longer term growth plans.”

The Sydney Airport Community Forum will play three key roles:

  • Advise the Commonwealth Transport Minister on noise abatement and related environmental issues;
  • Facilitate consultation with and information flows to the community regarding the airport’s operations; and
  • Provide a direct channel for the community to engage with Sydney Airport Corporation and AirServices Australia   on the Airport’s noise sharing plan.

    The Forum will include twenty-five representatives from the community, local councils, industry as well as State and Federal parliaments.

    “Unlike our predecessors, the Rudd Labor Government is committed to making sure local communities have a strong voice when decisions are made about where to locate and how to manage transport infrastructure,” said Mr Albanese.

    The Sydney Airport Community Forum was first established in 1996 to advise the then Commonwealth Tranpsort Minister on noise abatement and related issues.