Apr 27, 2012

Tarneit West to be urban model for liveability

Wyndham City Council will be able to plan for a more productive and sustainable community in Tarneit West thanks to a grant of $448,500 from the Gillard Labor Government’s Liveable Cities program.

The Prime Minister and Federal Member for Lalor, Julia Gillard, said the grant would allow the council to develop a masterplan for a 113 hectare site on Sayers Road.

“This project is a great example of the kind of cooperation between governments needed to address the big challenges facing our cities such as climate change, a lack of affordable housing, traffic congestion and a growing, ageing population,” she said.

The Greenfield – Tarneit West project will be ideally located near the largely federally-funded, $4.3 billion Regional Rail Link.

The masterplan will look at:

  • how to support sustainable development with good urban design;
  • how to maximise the number of local jobs so that people moving to the region do not face long daily commutes; and
  • reducing car dependence.

The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, said the Federal Government developed the Liveable Cities program to support state, territory and local governments to meet the challenges of improving the quality of life in our capital and major regional cities.

“As one of the most urbanised societies on the planet, Australia’s future economic prosperity and social cohesion will depend largely on how successful we are at making our cities work better,” he said.

Wyndham City Council will develop the masterplan in partnership with RMIT University Centre for Design, the Green Building Council of Australia, the Growth Areas Authority, the Natural Resources Conservation League and the Victorian Department of Transport.