Jun 6, 2006

Tasmanian company Roaring 40s points the way to Australia’s clean energy futur

Tasmanian company Roaring 40s points the way to Australia’s clean energy future


6 June 2006

In Hobart today I visited the Roaring 40s renewable energy company, one of Australia’s emerging success stories.

During Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s recent visit to Australia, a $300 million deal was signed by Roaring 40’s to provide three wind-farms in China.

China aims to have 15% of its massive energy needs met by renewable energy by 2020, and the Australian company Roaring 40’s may be the biggest foreign renewable energy company in China, one of the world’s fastest growing energy markets.

Roaring 40’s announced after the Budget last month they would not be proceeding with projects in Tasmania and South Australia because of a lack of Federal Government support.

It is appalling that Australian renewable energy innovation is welcomed in China, but not Australia.

There is a trillion dollar industry emerging globally in renewable energy technologies.

Instead of John Howard’s focus on nuclear power for Australia, we should support our clean energy industries and cut our greenhouse pollution. Clean energy is healthy for the environment, jobs and exports.

The latest Business Review Weekly rich-list has Chinese – Australian dual citizen Mr Zhengrong Shi at 4th with a wealth of $3 Billion. His wealth comes from developing Australian solar energy technology in China.

It is shameful that Howard Government policies ensure good clean energy ideas like this are invented in Australia, but made in China.

Under John Howard, Australia continues to say goodbye to great clean energy ideas, great companies and high skilled local jobs.

When our children look back, they will judge the Howard Government very harshly for not taking strong action to support clean energy and avoid dangerous climate change.