Mar 7, 2008

Teen Dental Plan will have positive impact in Grayndler

Teen Dental Plan will have positive impact in Grayndler

MEDIA RELEASE – The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,

Regional Development and Local Government

7 March 2008

Anthony Albanese MP today announced the benefits local families would receive from the Rudd Labor Government’s Teen Dental Plan.

The Rudd Labor Government’s Teen Dental Plan will assist over one million Australian teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 with dental costs.

By establishing a Teen Dental Plan to help working families fix their kid’s teeth the Rudd Labor Government is honouring another major election commitment.

Under the Teen Dental Plan, eligible families will be able to claim up to $150 towards the cost of an annual dental preventative check for each of their teenage children.

The cost of a comprehensive dental check up – comprising oral examination, clean, scale, and x-ray – is around $290.

Anthony Albanese said this investment in teenage oral health will be welcomed by families in Grayndler.

“With statistics showing that as many as one in three Australian’s avoid attending a dentist because of cost, this funding will provide a welcome relief for working families struggling to cover the cost of visiting a dentist.”

“Most primary school children receive school dental services; however, these services are not as widely available to teenagers. This program will directly target teenagers and encourage young adults to continue to look after their teeth once they move out of home.”

“Regularly going to see the dentist at a young age can help avoid more expensive dental procedures later on in life,” said Anthony Albanese.

Under the Rudd Government’s Teen Dental Plan, over one million 12-17 year old teenagers in families eligible for Family Tax Benefit A or in receipt of Abstudy or Youth Allowance will be eligible.

Families would receive a voucher advising them of their eligibility for a Dental rebate of up to $150 per year for a preventative dental check. The Rudd Government’s Teen Dental Plan will be implemented from 1 July 2008.