May 22, 2015

The Ella Centre celebrates 40 years

This Saturday the Ella Centre will celebrate 40 years of extraordinary work in the inner west.

I am honoured to be speaking at Saturday night’s dinner, which recognises the Ella Centre’s commitment to taking care of those most vulnerable in our community.

The Ella Centre, once the Methodist Church in Haberfield, opened its doors as a community centre in 1974.

It received set-up funding from the Whitlam Government, and later a generous donation from Henry Ella, which helped create a trust fund.

Since then, the Ella Centre’s passion for social justice has ensured support for people with disabilities, dementia, older people, carers, as well as those struggling to get by.

The Ella Centre continues to make a significant difference in the everyday lives of people across the inner west.

It has played an historic role in our community and is a constant reminder that when we look out for each other, everyone benefits.

I congratulate the Ella Centre for its tireless work over the past forty years, and wish those at the Centre all the best for the many more years to come.