Jun 14, 2011

Tony Abbott disrupts Question Time yet again

Another sitting day, another Question Time disappears under one of Tony Abbott’s mindless and self-aggrandising Suspension Motions, proof the Liberal and National Parties have set their sights on simply disrupting the Parliament.

Already this year, almost half of the scheduled Question Times – 11 out 26 – have been disrupted and cut short by Mr Abbott’s wrecking tactics.

All up, Mr Abbott has thrown away the opportunity to ask the Prime Minister and Ministers more than 100 questions – equivalent to five full Question Times – so he can rant and rave, usually in the 10 minutes before the ABC’s coverage of Parliament is replaced with PlaySchool.

Mr Abbott sees the Dispatch Box as nothing more than a stage on which to rehearse his hysterical claims and spread his dishonest fear campaigns.

Tony Abbott is a walking Vuvuzela. Like this loud monotone note producing horn, his unique approach to politics may initially attract attention but just as quickly it starts to grate.