Feb 4, 2017

Tourism is on the up but there’s still no plan

Tourism has now overtaken coal to become one of Australia’s biggest exports, according to research out this week, but the Coalition still has not released its plan for tourism.

This is despite the fact tourism employs more than one million Australians and has been identified as a super growth sector.

At the 2016 election Labor released its vision for the sector, which included policies that would address issues of visa reform, invest in skills, training, marketing and research and grow Indigenous tourism across the nation.

Only Labor has a plan to grow Australia’s competitiveness as a tourist destination.

In contrast, during its last term in office, the Coalition slashed investment-driving data and research funding, cut regional tourism infrastructure grants and cancelled Australia’s membership of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

What’s more, under the Coalition, there was not even a Minister for Tourism for two out of the past three years with no one to represent the sector at the Cabinet table or around the world at key international events.

No wonder Australians are left wondering what is the point of Malcolm Turnbull?