Nov 26, 2012

Townsville Port Access Road Opens to Traffic

After four years of construction, the new Townsville Port Access Road today opened to traffic and from here on will take over 500 trucks a day off the city’s suburban streets.

As a designated heavy vehicle route, this new road will provide trucks and road trains access to the port 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need for permits or trundling through residential streets.

It’s expected more than 500 trucks a day will use the route, and this figure will only grow as industry takes advantage of the new purpose-built access to and from the Port of Townsville.

The direct link to the port will improve freight efficiency, boost the productivity of the local agricultural and resources industries and support the rapid economic development taking place in the region.

In the past year alone, both the Townsville Port Access Road and Douglas Arterial Duplication have been completed – all part of the record $420 million investment Federal Labor is making in Townsville’s road network.

The Federal Labor Government contributed $95 million to the $217 million Townsville Port Access Road, with the Queensland Government funding the remaining $122 million.