Feb 10, 2020


SUBJECTS: Llew O’Brien quitting the Nationals; chaos within the Coalition.

ANTHONY ALBANESE, LEADER OF THE AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY: Well, the decision of Llew O’Brien to sit on the crossbench is just another example of the chaos that has beset the Coalition. A Coalition without a plan for the economy, without a plan for energy or climate change, without a plan for the nation’s future. It, again, is them being obsessed by their internals. And this is just six months after the last election. Imagine what they would be like over the coming two years.

JOURNALIST: What kind of message do you think that this sends to the Australian people about the disunity within the Coalition?

ALBANESE: Well, it just sends a message writ-large that they are in chaos. That they don’t like each other. That they don’t get along with each other. That they don’t have a coherent plan for the country. And it is no wonder we see an economy that is really struggling. We see renewable energy going backwards in terms of investment, just dropping right off. We see a Government that has no plan for wages and to deal with the real issues confronting Australians. The problem for the Government is that it is too obsessed with itself and doesn’t care about the Australian people.